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November 30, 2009

Post Your Elf Sightings and Elf Art!

Now you can post your Elf sightings and Elf art on my fan group wall on Facebook! Choose "Elf Art On Facebook" or "Elf Sightings On Facebook" from the Missleanus category on the left menu of the Elf website!

November 21, 2009

Coming Along Nisely

I launched to new stories today so check m out!

I've also made some changes to link colers and littel stuff like that and some changes to the wording on the front page and I'm gonna add some more content to tonight so thel be lots of new stuff and then all start giving the link out to people next week or some thing.

Leave a coment here if you liked the stories or if you hated them to lol.


November 20, 2009

Yay for progress

Unfortunitly I had to remove the file attachment part of the contact form on the Contact the Elf Expert page cause of security risks for the server but I'm gonna find out if theres a nother way to have people send me there pictures also my frend helped me get the RSS summery shortend on the side bar of my Elf site so thats awsome and he helped me get the rest of the contact form working good too so I just have to write some more content for the undone pages this weekend and then I can launch to the public!


November 13, 2009

Blast of!

Yessss! I launched today! Finely the Elves will get the attention they deserve!

I still have alot to write about the Elvin ways and kind but I figured I mite as well start with what I have and keep adding to it. Shelf was rilly exited today when I told her about it.

Also I need to figure out why my styles aren't working now. But thats the olny bug I see so far. Enjoy!


November 9, 2009

Almost ready to launch!

I'm getting ready to... um... sorry I just lost my train of thought.

Oh! Yeah I'm getting ready to launch as a way to get the word out about real Elves vs. fake ones.

I have to finish a few more pages of the site first though and figure out how to make parts of these blog entrys show up under  News& Updates  on the side menu of the website. If you know how to do that then please tell me so I can do it.

Other then that this blog will be used for news and updates for the website so stay tuned for a launch announcment and more updates after that!